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You can find our selection of available bags in the Products section.

If the product you’d like to purchase is out of stock, send us an email and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

Caring for your leather Building Block bag requires minor maintenance but is highly important in preserving the original quality of the design.

The various leathers on our bags have been selected for their natural grain and uniform color. With time, leather takes on a natural patina that will keep its beautiful qualities if you look after it with care. Avoid exposing your bag to extreme light, heat, or humidity. In case of contact with liquids, dry leather immediately with a clean, soft cloth or protect beforehand with mild leather cream. When you are not using your bag, please protect it with your dustbag.

Vegetable Tanned Leather
When exposed to sunlight and water, veg tan leather will grow darker over time and evolve with daily use. This patina effect is natural and is what gives this type of naked leather its unique quality and character. For further advice and surface treatment options, consult a leather goods repair shop.

The rubber detailing on our bags is a distinct Building Block hallmark and has been tested as non-marking, weatherproof, and highly durable. To maintain strength and consistency, keep out of extreme light, heat, or humidity. Avoid hanging cording on sharp hooks over an extended period of time as this will weaken the material. A one year replacement warranty is guaranteed with proof of purchase.

For further questions or advice, please email us at info@building-

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